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Dr sketchys North Wales : Mia Merode and her butterfly dance

Dr Sketchy's anti-art school North Wales & Chester, Change 24th February

Up until tonight I think it's safe to say I'd never seen a striptease performed to the Ghostbusters theme tune... it certainly is a change of pace, in fitting with the theme of this evenings Dr sketchy's North Wales & Chester class. A change of pace, change of venue and change of time as Dr Sketchy's North Wales & Chester emerges out of it's glittery cocoon..

An evening of sketching frivolity at one of Chester's well known venues for burlesque and cabaret, Alexanders which fitted in snuggly for a rather laid back Sunday class. The change certainly brought about a rather chilled atmosphere for the class of keen sketchers as we awaited to see what delights would unfold for the evening.

Emerging out of her cocoon to dazzle the audience with her butterfly dance was performer Mia Merode in a dreamlike ballet performance which led us into the start of the class, certainly a change of order to usual resulting in sketchers throwing their drawings at each other, sticking pencils in their mouths (oo'er!) and creating some rather 'ahem' artistic wonky left handed drawings, a rather silly but entertaining lead into the evening which certainly added to the relaxed atmosphere of the class.

Dr sketchys North wales : Titsalina seduces us in a geeky fashion Dr sketchys North wales : sketches

The change theme continued with a rather different performance by Titsalina Bumsquash to the Ghostbusters theme tune, I've never seen a proton pack used in that manner before...a highly entertaining and amusing performance. By this point in the evening it's safe to say that the class was well tippled and relaxed which led on to a flurry of sketching and rather amusing poses leading on to the grand finale pose of the evening.

We're certainly in favour of change here at Alt Fashion and this was a change that was as enlightening as it was entertaining, it's certainly got us in the mood for the next class. Why don't you join in and get involved with the next Dr Sketchys North Wales & Chester class where you could turn your hand to modelling for a change, at their “Miss out of this world” sketchy pagent. To find out how you can get involved visit

Photos: Guto Bongos of Gwasg Helygain