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Dr sketchys North Wales : The Dragoness

Dr Sketchy's North Wales & Chester, Myths vs Leggins 27th August 2011.

Have you ever seen a mythical dragon fight out with a pole dancer? Well the crowd at the latest Dr sketchys North Wales class can now certainly say that they have.

At every Dr sketchys North Wales & Chester class you can be sure of a completely different & inventive theme for the evening. This August saw a rather intriguing Myths vs Leggins themed class, with the mythical dragoness Lady Wildflower vs pole dancing Sonia Allcock. A true mythical takes on the 80's theme. With this in mind keen sketchers turned up truly decked to the nines in day glo 80's apparel to get into the mood.

The usual sketching mayhem, debauchery & games for the evening kicked off in style to a performance of Lady Wildflower's 'The dragon', a spectacle to truly behold as her emerald wings transfixed the audience. The dragoness certainly got the crowd into a sketching mood, with quick paced sketches and poses warming the crowds pencils up (if you'll pardon the pun!). After a full on geeky spectacle with a captured dragoness sketch it was time to roll out the day glo troops for the 80's side of the evening.

Dr sketchys North Wales : Sonia Allcock

Sonia Allcock took to the pole for the first round of classic 80's tease inspired poses. Gentling easing the audience in for the build up to her jaw dropping performance. Performing feats of wonder on the pole, you'd certainly skip a beat as she dangles gracefully from just one limb on the pole; and reach mild panic as she slides head first down the pole. Certainly a visual treat to witness!

After the breathtaking & near heart stopping performance the battle commenced with a final dual pose to round up the evenings sketches, for certainly one of the most inventive themes yet.

Dr sketchys North Wales & Chester certainly do pull out all the stops to give the sketchers a truly unique experience.

You can catch the next class on September 8th at The laugh inn, Chester for the Casino a go go themed evening. Don't forget to sharpen those pencils!

Visit for tickets & further details.

Photos: Dr sketchys North Wales & Chester