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Dr sketchys North Wales

Dr Sketchy's North Wales & Chester, 1st March. Review: Pip 'Astro' Bailey

On the 1st of March Dr Sketchy's North Wales and Chester hosted its very own Ex-chav-aganza. Burberry was donned, pencils were sharpened, velour was pressed, sketchbooks opened, bling blinged and small fighting dogs were tied outside as Kiki Kaboom and Liz Halliwell took to the stage in all their hoodie (and not much else) wearing glory.

Madame Ex, our fabulous hostess, invited Liz Halliwell to the stage where she delighted us with a sensual (and often eye watering) routine with her trusty pole. Liz seemed to have more muscles in her inner thigh than I seem to have in my entire body. Liz then gave us a series of one minute poses, we were encouraged to experiment with new techniques (working with non dominant hand, continuous line drawing etc) which was both fun and challenging and produced some interesting results. After this warm up poses then became longer and having been warmed up people really got into the drawing. Liz's amazing poses, baby face and delightful 'lady and the tramp' fringe meant she was a treat to draw and everyone produced some great pieces.

Then a break, the pole was taken down and the audience moved closer to the stage, lights were dimmed and then KABOOM!

Kiki Kaboom to be precise. Kiki came out as her alter ego 'Chavarella'. One of the most in your face, hilarious, terrifying and strangely erotic routines, I have ever seen.The girls next to me were almost wetting themselves with a mixture of laughter, terror and excitement.

Dr sketchys North Wales : sexy sketching

After we had all settled down (a bit) Kiki rejoined Madame Ex on stage and we drew several more poses, again starting short and working up to longer poses. Kiki is as beautiful and inspiring when staying still as she is in motion and offered some amazing poses full of character. We also learnt the difficulties of keeping your tongue wet during longer poses and that giving the finger for ten minutes solid is harder than it looks.

Liz joined Kiki onstage for a couple of poses then we were all asked to choose our favourites drawings from the evening and place them on stage. Always a highlight of the evening this gave us all a chance to see what everyone else had been doing and to show off our own pieces. The models chose their favourite drawings and prizes were awarded to the lucky artists.

This brought the end to a truly memorable evening. Everyone who had attended regardless of drawing ability, regardless of age or gender, and regardless of whether they were a Sketchy's virgin or old pro left having had a great night, absoluely beaming, and resolved to join Madame Ex and her crew for the next Dr Sketchy's North Wales and Chester event.

The next events will be 'A little bit Grimm' 5th April, Laugh Inn, Chester, 7pm. Followed by 'We all dream of Jeannie' 19th April, Penny Black, Wrexham, 7.30pm.

Photos: Mark Coxon - Jaded Images