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Don't be blue with Illamasqua's newest collection.

It goes without saying that we always look forward to the new collection launches from alternative cosmetics specialists, Illamasqua, and this May there's certainly plenty to get excited about as they launch a beautiful blue palette of new shades.

illamasqua once

If it's an alternative shade that you're after then Illamasqua never disappoints, with a palette of shades that includes metallic greens, dark blacks and vampy reds, and their newest collection "To be alive" adds a stunning electric blue to those shades.

Naturally inspired by the colour blue, the new collection sees a beautiful range of ice blues, to dark metallic blues, brought together for a gorgeous collection of blue shades.

Of course, we're really excited by the introduction of the Vendetta glamore lipstick, a deadly electric blue shade that's just perfect, adding another alternative shade to their vast range of stunning lipsticks.

illamasqua once collection

If that's a little too bright for you though, they've introduced a sheer pale blue lipgloss that's just perfectly for deadly ice queens, a great match for the ice blue Prismatic nail varnish.

Rounding off the collection is the perfectly blue Spirit palette, featuring four shades of blue eyeshadow from pale to royal blue, if you're looking to create a deadly ice maiden look then this collection is just perfect for you!

We can't wait to get our mitts on the Vendetta lipstick, but of course we'll have to wait for the collection's launch on May 1st when it hits their stores nationwide. To keep an eye on news for the launch, and to snap up your favourite pieces when it goes on sale, visit

Palette image via: Fashion Monitor.