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Be bewitched by the beautiful new collection from Manuela Biocca.

Be swept up in a whirlwind of gothic romance, as Manuela Biocca unveils her latest collection, Sortileges. Combining dark alternative style with a touch of memento mori, and beautifully hand crafted detailing, for a collection that you'll just adore.

Manuela Biocca : Sortileges

Inspired by the past, from the world of fashion, art, and gothic literature. This latest collection brings a romantic touch, with pieces that could have plucked straight from a gothic fairytale.

Manuela Biocca : Sortileges

Tinged with notes of dark romance, perfectly fitting with her range of designs. Sortileges features pieces set around three lines; High Fashion Silk Flowers, Victorian Mourning Jewellery, & Esoterism.

Manuela Biocca : Sortileges

Featuring beautifully hand crafted detailing, with dark faceted crystal, skull beads, and intricate embroidery adding the finishing touches to each piece. From detailed floral sleeves, to beaded gothic collars, and Victorian jet necklaces. Perfect to add a touch of gothic couture to your outfit!

With a collection of limited edition pieces, you can shop the Sortileges collection now.

Manuela Biocca : Sortileges

Visit to find the latest collection, alongside Manuela's catalogue of designs.

Image credits:
Photographer : Sylvain Renault
Stylism : Manuela Biocca - Manuela Biocca Créations
Model : Marine Perrin Quiroga
Artistic direction : Philippe Martins
Assistant : Jean-Marc Enkababian