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Alternative hair colour care to help maintain those freshly dyed locks.

You've chosen your latest shade, and dyed those locks to perfection, now you just need to maintain that vibrant, freshly dyed and toned look - but what do you use to help prolong your hair colour? Thankfully, some help is at hand, thanks to some amazing alternative colour care products - so you can keep your hair looking as purple as ever!

Colourful hair care products : Manic Panic dry shampoo

We've all got our handy tips and tricks to help prolong that freshly dyed look, but we all need an extra helping hand to maintain our latest shade. Luckily, some of our favourite alternative hair dye brands have created the perfect products to help you out - from specially formulated shampoos, to conditioners, all designed to keep your latest shade looking as vibrant as ever.

Alternative hair care products : Crazy Color No Yellow Shampoo

Dependant on how bright, or bold a shade you're going for with your latest look, you'll want to stock up on some of these essentials beforehand, so you've got everything to help keep your locks that perfect shade.

Pre care

Start off with some pre care before you start bleaching, and dyeing your hair, with La Riche Directions Pre Colour Shampoo. Perfect to treat your hair beforehand - we all need a bit of extra TLC when dyeing our hair, and this will certainly get you off to a great start.

If your bleaching your hair, or lightening it to a grey/pastel tone, you may want to pick up a bottle of Crazy Color's No Yellow Shampoo prior to dyeing. Specially formulated to help banish yellow tones on bleached and pre-lightened hair - perfect to use after you've bleached your hair if you want to even that tone out prior to applying your hair dye.

Colourful hair care : Directions Pre Colour Shampoo


You've dyed your locks, and your hair is looking just perfect, but you'll want to keep it looking that way. Luckily, you've got a few choice products to use that can help you along. Starting off with a great overall aftercare shampoo, La Riche Directions Colour Protect Shampoo has been designed to help maintain your latest colour. Follow it up with their Colour Protect Conditioner to keep your hair as bright as the day you first dyed it.

Alternative hair care products : Crazy Color Shampoo

If you'd prefer an aftercare product that's been specifically designed with your exact shade in mind, then you'll want to try one of Crazy Color's shampoos. Available in red, pink, purple, and blue - each formulated with your latest shade in mind, to help keep your pink, or blue locks as vibrant as ever.

Finish off with Crazy Color's Rainbow Care Conditioner, to help maintain your colour, as well as helping to strengthen your hair with their deep conditioning treatment that's perfect for any shade.

Give your hair a refresher in-between washes with Manic Panic's Dry Shampoo, designed to help maintain their vibrant shades. Perfect to help your hair along and give it a much needed boost.

Of course, no hair shade is 100% fade proof, but with these handy products that have been formulated with alternative hair dyes in mind, you can help your latest colour along with ease.

Whatever shade you choose to dye your hair, you can find these hair care products and more at Beeunique, as well as a wide variety of alternative shops at our handy directory site.