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Add some vintage glamour to your make up bag with The Vintage Cosmetic Company.

The vintage cosmetic company, false lashes

For a truly unmistakable glamorous look you can't beat the allure of Hollywood glamour, and that's something that The Vintage Cosmetic Company do so well, bringing the classic look of the 1940's era back in style with the aid of their amazing beauty tools and kit.

We can't get enough of vintage style, it goes so well with so many alternative looks, and what better style to try for a classic glamourous twist on your look! We already have plenty of beautifully vintage styled cosmetics to shop from, but what about setting those curls and shaping those lips? That's where The Vintage Cosmetic Company come in, with a range of beauty tools and kit to help create and shape those vintage looks to perfection!

The vintage cosmetic company, new items

With an outstanding range of beauty essentials and kit, they've got everything that you'd need to help create the perfect classic Hollywood glamour look.

Their amazing range of false lashes has already made them a firm favourite, with a great selection of eyelashes in iconic vintage styles to help shape your look, alongside the perfect pieces of kit from powder brushes to tweezers, all with the same vintage style in mind.

You'll find their full range of beauty tools available online, with some great new pieces of kit coming soon, as they've expanded their collection of tools this spring bringing together some amazing essentials to help you create the perfect look, whatever vintage era you adore.

With new additions to their range including some amazing bits of kit for your hair from handy hair rollers to help you set in the perfect vintage curls, to sectioning clips to create some classic 1920's style fingerwaves.

You'll never be without those beauty essentials with their great range of Hollywood essentials and vintage beauty finds. With their new launches coming to their web store shortly, including a handy blending sponge amongst their new hair care essentials.

Visit to find their full range of make up kit and tools, with their new launches coming shortly to their webstore.

Images via: Fashion Insight